Fully Released For God's Mission

Proverbs 22:7
"The borrower is slave to the lender."

Scripture is clear - debt can keep us financially imprisoned.  
Carrying debt is like dragging around a large weight that holds us back; keeping us from being fully engaged in advancing God’s mission.
For nearly 14 years,  Sardinia Church of Christ has faithfully and sacrificially sought to pay off the mortgage on our facility through several stewardship campaigns.  We believe God is calling us to take the final step toward financial freedom by eliminating our debt so we can begin putting even more resources back into ministry and this community where God has placed us.
CLICK HERE to watch the messages from the "Free in Faith" sermon series!
July 1, 2021 begins a new stewardship campaign called  FREE IN FAITH.
Our goal is to raise funds to pay off the balance of our mortgage loan by December 31, 2022.
Approximately $425,000.

A Future Of Financial Freedom

What will we do once we no longer have the financial obligation of a monthly mortgage?
We will be completely free to fully invest our financial resources into Jesus’ mission!
Eliminating debt  will allow us to engage in the following efforts:

Increase the Impact of SCC’s Ministry

Financial freedom gives us the ability to allocate more resources to local ministry through our church to reach the lost and make disciples here in our community! Some potential plans include:

-  Hiring a staff member to oversee our growing
   Children’s Ministry program.
-  Increasing ministry budgets to minister to the
   needs of our growing congregation.
-  Investing in more outreach events and programs
   designed to meet needs and build relationships in
   our community.

Fund Special Projects to Address  Poverty & Addiction

Poverty and addiction are two prevalent issues that have long plagued individuals and families in our community, and the COVID pandemic has only intensified their effects. Jesus cared deeply about the poor and broken. As His church, we want to do the same! We desire to steward our resources outside the walls of the church to show people we love them and care about their needs and the challenges they face.

Grow in Our Ability to be Generous

Currently, our church commits 10% of all tithes and offerings to support local and global missions. We are privileged to partner with ministries like the Pregnancy Resource Center of Brown County, Butler Springs Christian Camp, Living Water Christian Mission in Haiti and several more. Financial freedom allows us to both increase the percentage we give in support and expand our impact to even more ministries and missions both locally and around the world!

What Can I Do?

Free in Faith is a God-sized vision that we can only accomplish with his help! (CLICK HERE to download the "Free in Faith" prayer guide!) And yet, while we pray for God to do amazing things and provide in inexplicable ways, we recognize that we have a part to play! Free in Faith challenges and calls God’s people at SCC to step up and step out in faith in huge ways:

Commit to Giving Above and Beyond
Regular Tithes and Offerings

The most critical part of the campaign is a commitment from all who call Sardinia Church of Christ home and have been blessed by its ministry to give above and beyond their regular tithes and offerings toward this endeavor. This faithful and consistent act of giving will help you grow in your faith and generosity, and, because it is a shorter commitment than previous campaigns, it is absolutely achievable!

Strive to Sacrificially Give

In the book of Acts, the early believers gave sacrificially to benefit the effort and impact of the church. They sold their belongings, land or property, some even their homes, and gave the profit to provide for Christ’s mission for the church. We’re asking you to consider the same kind of sacrificial giving witnessed in scripture!  Some examples of things you may consider giving include:
A property or possession
An extra vehicle or vacation
Part of an inheritance or extra income

Volunteer for Fundraising

Over the next 18 months, we plan to hold fundraiser opportunities that will help us rapidly chip away at our debt. These will rely heavily on volunteers to ensure their success. We’re asking everyone to pitch in, lend a helping hand and work together to see this vision through!

Giving & Resources

How can I give to Free in Faith ?
You can contribute to  “Free in Faith” the following ways:
Check or Cash
Please make all checks payable to Sardinia Church of Christ, with “Free in Faith” in the memo line. Should you choose to give check or cash in person during one of our worship services, please use the “building fund” envelopes located at the “Free in Faith” display on the Connection Wall.  Please mark “Free in Faith” on the front of the envelop.
You can choose to give a one-time or reoccurring gift through our online giving feature.  For reoccurring donations you can schedule a frequency of your choice.  To set up online giving, simply visit sardiniacc.com/give or download our mobile app!
Estate Giving
To give a portion of an estate, property, etc., we can set up a resource to help you do this!  Please reach out to us and we can connect you with an estate planning resource.

Helping you achieve financial freedom!

We don’t want to just be debt free as a church; we want all of the individuals and families at SCC to experience financial freedom as well! This Fall we will be offering the “Financial Peace University” course to help you take steps toward financial freedom and becoming a wise, generous steward of the resources God has blessed you with!