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Thank you for the opportunity to share Christ and connect you to His Church here in Sardinia, Ohio.  We strive to be a body of believers that reflects the character of Jesus to each other and to our local community.  Over the coming days we hope to get to know you, your story, and how God can work with you to bless the people you encounter.  We offer numerous ways below to help get that conversation started and share with you a little about what we offer. 


We want to partner with you, the parents, fostering your child’s
relationship with Jesus.
Upon arriving follow the signs to our check in room and give our friendly volunteers your child’s name.  If you have trouble finding it we have greeters who are more than happy to get you where you need.
You will be given a sticker for your child and a security tag with a matching unique code.  This sticker is to pick up your child as well.  In the event that your child needs you during our service you will see your unique code on the screen in the main worship area.
We want your child to have safe and secure fun and be excited to come back each week, but more than that we want to keep them safe.  Every volunteer has completed a background check and is passionately committed to providing a safe place for kids.
Please fill out this link to provide us a little more information about your child to help us best meet your needs.
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6th-12th Grades

In our Student Ministry we want to grow students to do two things.
Build The Kingdom. Be the Kingdom.
Our Student Service takes place during the Main Service.
Students will start in the main service and dismiss during our greeting time to the Student Ministry room where the service is tailored to build and be the Kingdom of God in their everyday circumstances.
Parents and adults have shown great care and support for the spiritual growth and well being of our students. 
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