Our Vision & Mission

Sharing Christ and Connecting the World to His Church
One Person at a Time

Our Vision

To Share Christ & Connect the World to His Church
One Person at a Time

We believe the Gospel has the power to change lives, and because of this, God has called us to share the message and hope of Jesus to the entire world!  We also believe God wants everyone to experience love, grace, and relationship as a part of His special community known as the Church.  We strive to connect people to this community as well.  And we do it all one person at a time!

Our Mission

To Minister to Others and
Make Biblical Disciples of Jesus through Relationship

As disciples (followers) of Jesus, we are called to practice what we preach!  The way we share Christ to the world is by serving others and showing them what it looks like to follow Jesus with our lives.  This is called "making disciples", and it is what Jesus has asked us to do here on earth. And this journey of following Jesus and making disciples  is not meant to be done alone!  It happens in relationship with one another!